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The Importance Of Teaching American History

Posted: 2/14/2013

The right gear can help make an outdoor enthusiast out of practically anyone
The right gear can help make an outdoor enthusiast out of practically anyone.

(NAPSI)—To the dismay of American History teachers everywhere, Americans remain largely ignorant when it comes to this country’s historical underpinnings.

According to a 2011 Newsweek poll, 33% of Americans surveyed had no idea when the Declaration of Independence was adopted; 65% of respondents couldn’t tell you what happened at the Constitutional Convention, and 43% don’t know what the Bill of Rights is.

Despite the fact that we’ve been exposed to American History since elementary school, the legacy of democracy that built the United States more than 200 years ago fails to resonate with the average American today.

In an effort to combat this growing historical illiteracy, The Franklin Mint has taken the re-education of our country into its own hands. This year, The Franklin Mint announced that it is teaming up with Governor Mike Huckabee, renowned author and politician, to reinvigorate our public discourse with a healthy dose of history by issuing The Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection.

By appealing to coin collectors, history buffs, the political-minded and all citizens interested in honoring American history, the Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection is meant to serve not only as a family heirloom, but also as a tool to remind Americans of the origins of the United States as we know it today. The collection is comprised of seven coins − each one pays homage to a different Founding Father and is layered in 24 karat gold.

Governor Huckabee said of the initiative, “I have enormous respect and admiration for our Founding Fathers, whose vision has stood the test of time. Like many of you, I want to pass down our special and unique heritage of freedom and tolerance to my children, grandchildren and future generations.”

The coin set contains a hardbound copy of the Constitution, white gloves to handle the coins and a magnifying glass to see the finely crafted details. Additionally, the set includes stories and statistics on each Founding Father - an accessible and impactful way to educate the whole family and pass down the legacy of the seven Founders. Each collection can also be personalized with gold embossing on the U.S. Constitution Book and a brass plate on the elegant display case.

“The Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection was born out of the patriotic impulse to honor and investigate our shared history, and it reflects the very best of The Franklin Mint,” said Governor Huckabee.

Perhaps, if Governor Huckabee and The Franklin Mint have their way, Americans will fare better in next year’s annual history polls.

The Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection is available for purchase at


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