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New Year, New You: Recharge Your Career

Posted: 2/27/2015

A less hectic time at work may be your opportunity to take charge of your career
A less hectic time at work may be your opportunity to take charge of your career.

(NAPSI)—According to some career experts, the holiday season or any quiet time at work is a good time to plan, organize, reflect on where you are in your career and where you would like to go.

“In overly hectic lives, career planning often gets moved to the back burner,” said Michael Bevis, director of Academic Affairs for University of Phoenix and faculty member for the School of Business. “Many Americans feel unsatisfied and stagnant in their careers, and the only way to take action is to devote time to making a plan for change. This does not necessarily mean a career change, but often an adjustment in the way you approach your existing career.”

According to Bevis, job complacency should not be ignored because career satisfaction plays a major role in overall satisfaction. In fact, a national University of Phoenix survey conducted by Harris Poll found that nearly half of working adults in the U.S. gain equal or greater feelings of self-worth from their jobs and careers as they do from their personal lives, and 45 percent are still searching for the right career. Another survey from the University shows that nearly two-thirds of all working adults say they currently have limited opportunities within their companies, but 53 percent acknowledge they should take charge by being more entrepreneurial in their careers.

Bevis agrees. “Being entrepreneurial means approaching your existing career with purpose, not relying on your employer to manage your career,” he said. “Setting career goals, developing a strong personal brand and constantly looking for ways to grow and tie your responsibilities to the company’s bottom line can help you succeed and feel more engaged in your career.”

Bevis says taking charge of your career takes planning. He suggests you use downtime to:

1. Learn as much as possible about your organization, industry, and career growth opportunities.

2. Develop a strategic business plan to grow and improve your personal brand within your organization.

3. Keep your personal brand current and sustainable by knowing how your skills and experience fit into the big picture of your organization.

4. Network with individuals who have diverse experiences.

5. Identify and engage with a mentor. This individual does not necessarily have to be in your own company. Find someone who you admire professionally and whose success mirrors your goals.

6. Identify and engage with a sponsor in your own company. This person can champion your success and advocate for your growth within the company.

7. Research options for continued learning. Take a class, pursue an advanced degree or research certificate and continuing education programs. With educational options growing more customized every day, it is easier than ever to find ways to learn, grow and challenge yourself long after you graduate high school or earn a bachelor’s degree.

“Business education encourages students to think outside the box and be more entrepreneurial in their careers,” adds Bevis. “Employees at every level who approach their career as if they were entrepreneurs, with purpose and measurable goals, are often the happiest and most successful.”

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