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A Magnificent Way To Look Good Over Time

Posted: 2/27/2015

An eye for beauty may be easier for many women with a new line of cosmetics in soft, flattering colors
An eye for beauty may be easier for many women with a new line of cosmetics in soft, flattering colors; each comes with its own magnifying mirror.

(NAPSI)—When it comes to looking good, it’s important to be able to see well.

That’s the idea behind a line of cosmetics that feature not only elegant shades for women in their prime but a magnifying mirror in each sleek compact so you can be sure you’re getting just the look you like—no messes, no misses.

The six key products from 2020 Vision Cosmetics are:

• Lipsticks with moisturizing nutrients including shea butter, jojoba, grape seed and avocado oils to make neat application a one-step process.

• A Concealer-Corrector that fills creases and covers discoloration in a light but hydrating crème base. Apply it to the dark or discolored eye area closest to your nose, bring it out to sit on top of the cheekbone for accentuating and lifting. Now fill any crease, fold or blemish you don’t want to see. Then apply the Concealer over the Corrector.

• The Anti-Aging Crème Foundation has a special moisturizing formula of vitamins A, C and E and absolutely no aluminum. The light, water-based formula takes the face from morning through evening. For the best coverage and staying power, use your fingertips or a sponge for a dry application. Micro-granules hold the foundation to your face while it continues to moisturize.

• The Triple Ammunition Eye-brows fill in sparse eyebrows with a light base for filler, a darker color for perfecting, and a marvelous wax that sets the brows for hours.

An eye for beauty may be easier for many women with a new line of cosmetics in soft, flattering colors; each comes with its own magnifying mirror.

• The Eye Shadow Trios are developed in matte and pearl, created to lighten and accentuate without drying. The darkest shade can be used wet or dry as a soft eyeliner.

• The Natural Flushed Blush defines ever-changing cheekbones, giving an instant lift with natural blushing color. Swirl it in small, circular motions over the apples of your cheeks and back toward your hairline.

In addition, you may care to try this quick contouring trick: Using a powder that is two to three shades darker than your skin, dust it lightly along your jawline for a false depth that emphasizes the lighter areas and creates a more youthful look.

Learn More

You can find further facts and tips and get a good look at all the cosmetics online at and on Facebook.

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