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Cat Treat Market Expands, Health Solutions A Driver

Posted: 1/11/2013

You can now give your cat treats that are good for her fur, skin and digestion
You can now give your cat treats that are good for her fur, skin and digestion.

(NAPSI)—We all know giving a dog a treat is a common pet owner behavior. Dog owners treat when dogs sit or stay or simply because they are happy to see their canine companions after a long day at the office. Cat treating, on the other hand, seems less practiced. However, new reports indicate that cat treating is actually more widespread than one might think.

American Pet Products Association reports indicate that in the last 10 years, the growth of cat-owning households that give treats is more than double the growth of dog households that treat. Today, more than two-thirds of cat owners give treats. The cat treat market is exploding. Part of this is simple economics, but another part has to do with the nature and personality of the animals themselves.

Historically, cats are more independent than dogs. Whether it comes to participating in exercise activities or showing symptoms of illness, dogs are much more connected to their owners. This is not always the case for our feline friends. Cat owners, then, are more likely to indulge their cats with a nutritionally dubious treat in order to bond over the treating experience and to buy treats that have added health benefits because they may feel they have less direct awareness of their pet’s health.

Treat manufacturers have noticed this trend. The mass market of cat treats—inexpensive, convenient, lacking specific health benefits—is well established, but the healthy end of the spectrum is beginning to expand. FELINE GREENIES® SMARTBITES® Treats is a new line of pet specialty treats that come in great-tasting flavors, but, more important, are designed to provide targeted health benefits: Digestive Care, Hairball Control, and Healthy Skin and Fur.

Health-focused treats bridge the gap between the indulgence normally associated with treating a pet and the desire to ensure the long, healthy life of a pet.

The continued growth of the health-focused treat market is hard to predict, but as cat owners continue to rely on treating as a connection point with their feline companions, they now have solutions designed to help ensure long-term well-being.

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