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The Bold Flavors Of Argentina’s Mendoza Meet In A Single Wine

Posted: 4/30/2013

Distinguished Argentine winemaker Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda
Distinguished Argentine winemaker Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda uses various barbecue rubs and spices to add delicious flavors to grilled meats—paired with Colosal, a red blended wine.

Don Miguel Gascon Colosal Wine

(NAPSI)—The Mendoza region—the heart of Argentina’s winemaking district—has long been known for its high altitude and full-bodied wines.

Now, the oldest operating winery in the region has taken a step back in time to put its own twist on an Argentine winemaking tradition—a blended red wine.

The winery is Don Miguel Gascón and the wine is named Colosal. According to Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda, the winemaker, Colosal represents the long-standing Argentine tradition of red blends.

The wine itself is named for the robust, full-bodied wine that was first made at Bodegas Escorihuela Gascón in 1890 by Don Miguel Gascón himself.

This full-bodied blend is Malbec based, with layers of Bonarda, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to add complexity and rounder tannins. Distinctive flavors of dark blackberry, ripe plum and dark cherry meld with hints of oak, chocolate and mint, for a wine that could only be called Colosal.

Varietal Breakdown:

Each of the distinctive varietals contributes a unique characteristic to the wine.

• Malbec: The thick skin of this dark grape translates to a deep purplish-black color, complemented by floral violet aromas and dark fruit flavors with mouth-filling tannins.

• Bonarda: Light bodied, with fruit-forward flavors of ripe cherry and plum that meld with smooth tannins to create a pleasantly sweet mouthfeel with an overall elegance.

• Syrah: Dark skinned and full of flavor, this grape often produces blackberry, black pepper and spice aromas with occasional hints of green olive and a white pepper finish.

• Cabernet Sauvignon: Small and robust, this grape imparts sturdy tannins, black fruit aromas and flavors with some herbaceous hints and offers a softening effect when blended with other varieties.

Predominantly Malbec, Colosal owes its round, soft tannins, elegant floral aromas and intensely deep purple color to this grape. Syrah’s finesse and herbal spice hints complement Bonarda’s sweet licorice notes, giving Colosal its edge. Cabernet Sauvignon adds a strong mouthfeel and complexity.

Each of these varietals represents the best example of a type of wine produced in a region known for high altitudes, semiarid soil and four distinct seasons.

The wines of the region are also celebrated for the way they can be paired with different dishes.

As a native Argentine, Don Miguel Gascón winemaker Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda grew up with an intrinsic proclivity for barbecuing meats and all the ingredients that come along with it. This passion was further realized during a trip to Texas to promote his wines, where he received a book featuring various barbecue rubs and sauces that he had never heard of before, and has been hooked ever since.

“I’m especially drawn to the interaction that occurs when a spice, rub or sauce is added to meat. This idea of blending various ingredients for the best, most flavorful outcome isn’t unlike what I do in the cellar with Gascón wines,” Nesti says. “I’ve currently collected more than 40 various rubs and am always on the lookout for more, but my favorites are still those that I create at home, like the two below.”

For chicken:

2 parts oregano

1/2 part minced garlic

1 part paprika

Once rubbed, sprinkle some fresh peppermint leaves and lemon zest.

Add salt right before taking off the grill.

For beef:

3 parts thyme

2 parts black pepper

1 part red pepper flakes

1/2 part oregano

1 or 2 pinches of nutmeg

Rub meat liberally prior to grilling.

To learn more about pairing full-bodied blended red wines such as Colosal with these and other grilled meats using rubs, visit

Argentinean Table Wine,© 2010 Gascon USA, Hayward, CA. All rights reserved.


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