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Karen Anderson

Cleansing Breeze

By Karen Anderson
Posted: 8/7/2013

As I sit here feeling the morning cool breeze, I am reminded of the wonderful feelings that I have when I am walking close with God. It also reminds me, when God said in Genesis, “In the Garden of Eden God walked with Adam.” I too, can have that same close and wonderful relationship. There are times, when I feel like I have lost the intimacy that Adam had with God. It saddens me that once again, I let it slip away. I have taken my hand out of His, and decided to go it alone.

How lonely a life that would be if He didn’t call for me again? Remember, I am His daughter and I go running back to His arms willingly, which are open wide to gather me up once again. I can do this often and He won’t grow tired of it. It would be better, if I just kept my hand in His.

A life of negativity and overwhelm can turn a wonderful relationship into something that is uncomfortable and unwelcome. The awful relationship, reminds me of how icky I felt on those really hot triple-digit days. I didn’t like it, and I wanted it over as soon as possible. I was watching every day for those cooler temperatures to finally arrive. I so looked forward to those wonderful breezes in the mornings and evenings.

In all your busyness of the day, remember you are in a spiritual battle, all day long, and your feathers are going to be ruffled and bent at the end of the day. Do like the eagle does each day, before he is lifted off his high perch by the wind currents. He puts every one of his feathers through a preening gland in his peak, to steam clean and refresh each feather. If you are not spending time with God every day, then you are not prepared for what is ahead and you will be beat down by the storms and heat of the day.

Immerse yourself in God’s Word, and walk together with Him in the Garden of Your Life. Your garden is around you in everything you see, feel, do, and hear. Put your hand back into His, knowing He will always walk with you. Just trust Him. Go and make a commitment to preen your feathers every morning, and expect His blessings as you walk with Him.

Karen Anderson is an accomplished speaker, author, and chaplain. Her books are “Nikki’s Tail-Waggin’ Lessons” and “The Little Book of BIG Thoughts Series.” Contact her through her website or follow her on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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