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Marlys Norris

Come Now ! !

By Marlys Norris, Christian Author
Posted: 6/19/2013

There are not many roads to God, the Father and Creator of all that is. ONLY One road takes one into the presence of God and that involves believing and accepting His Only Son, Jesus Christ as Savior of your soul. He is either who He claimed to be or an imposter. The evidence is in all events of two thousand years ago when Jesus went to the Cross and died as the Lamb of God shedding every ounce of His blood, in accordance with His Father’s instructions. when He sent His Son to earth to be born in a baby in human form. Then, in three-days Jesus miraculously rose again. He was seen by hundreds of people and His disciples in the Upper Room when He walked through a wall in His resurrected new body. The one disciple (Thomas) questioned and putting his fingers in the punctures in his hands and he believed.

An amazing child. Jesus went into a Temple and worshipped with the Rabbi’s of his day.

A child who regularly heard the voice of His Father and followed in obedience doing every act He was to do to reconcile man back into the grace of His loving Father. A gifted child with all the qualities of God, yet born to be like a man. One to understand our human natures of temptation, our fleshly desires and needs, man created in the image of God, yet missing the magnificence only dwells in God alone. God who came to earth to show us the power of faith and to destroy the works of His enemy who tries to steal our souls. The wonders and miracles of God’s Son Jesus Christ proved over and over to show us He is the great I AM.

Only Jesus is the doorway to eternal life and freedom from our guilt and shame. He is the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life... He knocks on the heart of everyone to invite Him into their life. Then, He promises to never leave or forsake those who come and invite Him into their heart. So often too many people ignore the tender tap on their shoulder or the whisper of God that invites them to “just Come!” He has a peace that passes all understanding awaiting those who seek Him. The Word (Bible) tells us that when we “seek Him with our whole heart” He will bless our lives as we walk and learn of Him. The promise of God is: “Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give thee the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 The Bible is filled with promises He desires to grant to those who read, study and follow in obedience. COME NOW, COME ! !

Marlys Johnsen Norris
Award Winning Author
Book: Recipes for a Happier Marriage

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