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Sports News

Falcons Swoop the Eagles

By Ben Barber
Posted: 10/30/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - This past week, El Camino High School welcomed the Christian Brother Falcons to their home field. It was a competitive match up for the two teams, The Eagles coming in at 5-3 and Christian Brothers coming in at 6-1. Despite the Christian Brothers’ record, they hadn't yet played a team that packed a punch like the Eagles.

The game was very competitive. The Falcons scored first in the first quarter, with an unfortunate interception by the Eagles keeping the Falcon offense on the field. On their second possession, the Eagles were forced backwards, giving the Falcons a safety and an extra two points on the board. The Falcons then scored another touchdown giving them a 16-0 lead.

Fed up and ready to spread their wings, the Eagles, on their third offense possession, were finally able to score a touchdown, and in the last few minutes of the half score again, bringing the game to a 16-16 tie going into half time. After the half, the Falcons were able to get another 10 on the board in the 3rd with the Eagles settling for a field goal. As the final minutes of the game wound down, the Eagles found themselves at a 32-32 tie. With less than a minute on the board, the Falcons were able to get down the field and kick the ball through the uprights, giving them the 35-32 lead to beat the Eagles.

Tyrin Boldin Tackles the Opposition
Tyrin Boldin (#80) finished the game with six solo tackles and two assists, finishing the night with eight total tackles!
Photos by Michelle Akana

Close Call for the Eagles

By Ben Barber
Posted: 10/23/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - The El Camino High School football team made its way back home this week to finish the first of their remaining three games at home. It was all business for the Eagles, hosting Orangevale’s Casa Robles High School. The Casa Robles Rams came into the game 2-4, looking to take a step closer to a .500 season. With their defense prepared, the Rams chose to defer the reception of the opening kickoff, giving the Eagles the first possession of the ball. The Eagles make good use of the opportunity, marching the ball over seven plays into the Rams red zone. But the Rams weren’t ready to give up six points that easily, and took advantage of an odd ball, completing an interception.

Kevin Loheit Kicks It
Kicker Kevin Loheit wins the game with a 25 yard field goal!

The Eagles defense then took the field, holding the Rams to only five plays before it was punted away. The two teams continued to clash back and forth with the Eagles scoring first in the second quarter. Devin Mirkovich came away with three interceptions, keeping the Rams from the Eagle end zone. With seconds left in the game, Eagle kicker Kevin Loheit braved the field for a 25-yard field goal, bringing the score to 9-6, giving the Eagles the Win.

Maleek Stewart
Maleek Stewart (25) leads the way for running back Said Webster (17).
Photo by Ben Barber

Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez makes a stellar catch to give the Eagles a first down.
Photo by Ben Barber

Eagles Soar, 47-7

Story and Photos
By Ben Barber
Posted: 10/16/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - For the last road game of the season, the El Camino Eagles found themselves at Del Oro High School facing Rio Americano. The newly renovated field with turf and all-weather track was paid for with the same measure that funded the renovations for Abbott Field at El Camino High School.

The Eagles started it off right out of the gate with an 85 yard kickoff return by Kijana Zigler and point after by Kevin Loheit to give the Eagles an early 7-0 lead. The Rio Americano Raiders responded right away, sneaking a wide receiver along the sideline and into the end zone to tie it up 7-7. The Eagles took full advantage of their next possession, marching down the field and into the red zone where running back Said Webster finished the series with a 10 yard run into the end zone for the Eagles second touchdown.

From there, the scoreboard remained silent with each teams’ defense flexing their strength. With about five minutes left in the second quarter, El Camino running back Maleek Stewart broke away from the line, completing a 60 yard rush for a third El Camino touchdown. After the half, Stewart continued the trend and ended the game with 136 total yards and three touchdowns. Rio’s Raiders remained silent for the rest of the game, unable to reach the end zone after their original visit in the first quarter. In the end, the scoreboard read 47-7 giving the Eagles a much needed league win.

This Friday the Eagles have their homecoming at Abbott Field where they face Casa Robles. Get there early, the stands will fill up fast.

Said Webster Crosses the Endzone
Said Webster scores one of his two touchdowns for the night.
Photos by Ben Barber

Eagles Stay Grounded

By Ben Barber
Posted: 10/14/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - The El Camino Eagles traveled to Folsom High School this past Friday where they clashed heads with Vista Del Lago (VDL). It was the first official league game of the season, which would dictate the future of the Eagles and their place in the playoffs. Having been knocked out of the title race by VDL back in 2012, the Eagles were anxious to take the field and show some growth.

VDL was the first to put points on the board, scoring six and missing the point after touchdown with nine minutes left in the first.  El Camino answered back with a field goal closing the gap. Jim Carter and the Eagle defense were able to hold VDL to a stop, bringing the offense back on the field. Jaquez Drake was the first to be able to get a touchdown for the Eagles, rushing the ball across the goal line. He again led the team in yards with a total of 146 by the end of the night.

The two teams continued to battle back and forth exchanging possessions. As half time quickly approached, Vista was able to score another touchdown. With under a minute left in the half, the Eagle offense was able to get kicker Kevin Loheit within 30 yards of the end zone where he was able to boot the ball through the uprights bringing the El Camino score to 13 to VDL’s 19.

The Eagles were able to come out of the half strong, taking a 28-25 lead as the third quarter came to an end. From there, things started to fall apart for the Eagles as the VDL offensive line was able to take control of the game opening barn door sized holes for running back Colby Carrera, who ended the night with 291 rushing yards over 34 carries. In the end, Vista Del Lago was able to keep the Eagle offense at bay winning the game 53-28.

Jim Carter is Ready
Middle Linebacker Jim Carter captains the defense through the epic battle.
Kamani Elam Sets Up the Pass
Quarterback Kamani Elam guides the offense into the end zone.

American Canyon Wolves Take Down Eagles

By Ben Barber
Posted: 10/2/2014

Eagles Ball Carrier Works His Way Downfield
Junior Jacquez Drake powers through heavy traffic as the offensive line clears the way.
Photos by Ben Barber

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - El Camino Football played at American Canyon High School (ACHS) on Friday. The junior varsity team took to the field first with clear skies at kickoff. As the second quarter commenced so did the rain; lightning interrupted the game with 57 seconds left in the second quarter. The game was delayed an hour for the safety of the players and the fans.

The game continued with the Eagles cautious, and the ACHS Wolves defense was able to hold the Eagle offense to only three plays before punting it off. The Eagle defense then took the field holding ACHS to six plays before the Wolves were able get it in the end zone. Anxious for a chance at redemption, the Eagle offense got the ball back and matched the eight points the Wolves had put on the board. The well-matched teams continued to battle back and forth. The Eagle offense seemed to be gaining ground on the ACHS defense but struggled to complete a series without a penalty or a fumble. Eagle fullback Jaquez Drake was the evening's workhorse, carrying the ball 16 times totaling 102 yards and averaging 6.4 yards per carry. On defense, senior Tyrin Bolding had five solo tackles and one assist, followed closely by junior Ty Harkleload who claimed four solo tackles and two assists.

Eagles Ball-Carrier Steps Out of Reach of Wolves Defense
Whipping and weaving Kijana Zigler ran for over 80 yards and unfortunately had a touchdown called back due to a penalty.

In the end, the Eagles were unable to seal the deal, losing to ACHS 28-21. “We beat ourselves...” stated Coach Adam Reinking after the game, who's looking to have a strong comeback against Vista Del Lago for this Friday's game.

The Exhausted but Jubilant Team Files Off the Field
After the longest first quarter in American football history, the Eagles ended the first half with a total of 38 points to the Raiders’ 3, giving the bench some much needed reps as they went into the second half. The Eagles were able to score again in the 3rd quarter, bringing them to 45 where the Raiders continued to struggle scoring only 18 points total in the game.
Photos by Ben Barber

Eagles Dump Raiders 45-18

By Ben Barber
Posted: 9/25/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - The El Camino Eagles wrapped up their fourth game of the season last Friday night versus the River City Raiders. Coming off a big win versus Valley High School the week before, the Eagles came home for their second game of the season on their brand new field. The Eagles came strong right out of the gate, scoring their first touchdown on only the second offensive play, a rush of 40 yards by Said Webster. The defense was then able to hold the Raiders to a three and out series where the offense again took over and controlled the ball for seven plays before kicker Kevin Loheit was able to crush a field goal in from the nine yard line.

Maleek Stewart of the Eagles had a total of 8 carries for 158 yards averaging 19.8 yards a carry, a feat that can hardly go unnoticed without a nod to the offensive line which kept quarterback Kamani Elam from getting sacked the entire game. After the longest first quarter in American football history, the Eagles ended the first half with a total of 38 points to the Raiders’ 3, giving the bench some much needed reps as they went into the second half. The Eagles were able to score again in the 3rd quarter, bringing them to 45 where the Raiders continued to struggle scoring only 18 points total in the game.

Kamani Elam Prepares the Long Pass
QB Kamani Elam throws for a 59 yard TD Pass

Next week the Eagles travel to American Canyon High School which looks to break out of their 2-2 record against an El Camino team that continues to gain steam. They then travel to Vista Del Lago, a formidable opponent which they met in the playoffs back in 2012. If the Eagles can hold their ground on the road these next two weeks, their hopes for the playoffs could become a reality.

El Camino Team Runs With the Ball Against Rosemont
Photo by Ben Barber

El Camino Eagles Win on the Road

By Ben Barber
Posted: 9/4/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - The El Camino Eagles headed on the road for their first official game of the season at Rosemont High School. With high expectations for the season, the Eagles came ready to battle. Winning the coin toss, the Eagles chose to defer the kick off, allowing their defensive prowess to take the field. With star linebacker Jim Carter at the helm, the eagles held Rosemont to only four plays in their first series. The Eagles, full of nerves, struggled with three offensive penalties and a fumble, completing only seven plays in their first offensive series, handing the ball back to Rosemont on their own 28 yard line.

The referees continued to let the flags fly into the following series, throwing three flags on Carter for helmet to helmet tackles, the legitimacy of which are still under debate. Carter, a division one college level player already offered a scholarship from Sac State, had to take his game down a notch. With three 15 yard penalties, Rosemont was able to capitalize and get their first touchdown. Out of the gate, the Eagles went to the air completing a 32 yard pass from Kamani Elam to Kijana Zigler, putting the Eagles on Rosemont’s 30 yard line. Two plays later, Elam ran the ball in himself on a sweeping quarterback keeper.

Rosemont answered by marching down the field to be intercepted in the end zone by Zigler. The teams continued to battle on into the fourth quarter with the Eagles controlling the game well into the late part of the second half. Rosemon, on full tilt, opted for an onside kick which they were able to convert into a touchdown, bringing them within one touchdown of the Eagles. Rosemont, lining up for their second onside kick, was met by a well charged Eagles special teams unit ready to not make the same mistake twice. The Eagles maintained possession from the kick and were able to run the clock down for their first win. Zigler ended with a total of 11 carries totalling 93 yards in close competition with Malik Stewart who carried 12 for 77 yards. Carter ended the game with 12 solo tackles and five assist, totaling 17 tackles and 1 sack.

The Eagles play their first home game this week at the newly renovated Abbott Field against Sac High, a team they met back in 2012 for the division playoffs. JV starts at 5:15 p.m. and Varsity at 7:30 p.m. Get there early to get a good seat and snack.

Visit the El Camino Football website at to find times and dates for the upcoming season.


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