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Bold Colors Are Here To Stay In Home Decor

Posted: 2/14/2013

The use of powerful color in home decorating is increasing, and homeowners are showing their creativity by embracing deep and dramatic or sharp and playful shades
The use of powerful color in home decorating is increasing, and homeowners are showing their creativity by embracing deep and dramatic or sharp and playful shades.

(NAPSI)—Colorful home decor is back in a big way—and here to stay. Color experts say people are increasingly at ease with bold colors and are showing their creativity with intensified hues.

Expressing Creativity

Homeowners have come to appreciate the newfound infusion of vibrant hues into all aspects of everyday life. According to PPG Pittsburgh Paints color expert Dee Schlotter, the influence of new technologies and a society propelled by ideals at an ever-evolving pace are driving color-packed palettes and providing a new platform for self-expression.

“Homeowners are articulating their creativity like never before. Fresh, bold color has permeated our daily lives, becoming an increasingly dramatic character in home decor and overall design,” Schlotter said. “Homeowners who were once leery of color are now embracing it with open arms and a brand-new level of sophistication.”

With the abundance of bold colors emerging in home decor, the method for integrating color and lifestyle will vary from person to person. For example, some people retreat to the basics for simple yet adaptable, thoughtful use of home design elements. Others may prefer to express themselves through loud, unexpected design as fashionable, futuristic technology takes center stage.

How To Use Bold Colors

Here are a few tips to help you embrace your creativity through bold colors:

• Remember, every room should have a theme and color is what ties that theme together. Choose bold colors that you can use more than once—in wall paint, fabric patterns, furniture and decorating accents.

• A room’s color palette is never about just one color. It’s about the combination of all the colors in a particular space. If bright wall colors aren’t for you, try incorporating bold hues into other design details, from window treatments to flooring and fabric.

• Test first. Use a large test sheet and a “time test”—view your color in all light: morning, noon and night. Live with it for a few days to make sure you love it.

• Never hold a paint chip in front of a white wall, since bold colors will appear darker or more intense on the wall than they do on a small chip. Hold the paint color next to furniture, window treatments and flooring for a true “feel” for how the color will look in the room.

• Go bold on one wall. Try fuchsia (PPG Rose Marquis) or teal (PPG French Riviera) or even black (PPG Black Magic) on one wall and neutral colors on the other walls for a punch of interest and appeal.

• If you are going to go bold, then really go for it, suggests PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Schlotter—try fuchsia or teal.

Through the Voice of Color program, PPG Pittsburgh Paints analyzes societal trends affecting color and design and incorporates them into new color palettes.

Learn More

To learn more about the latest color trends for decorating, visit


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